So What are the benefits of Pilates for elderly people?

When Prudence started my Pilates class in Spring 2019, she wouldn’t even dream of better posture, being 2 stones lighter, being happy after 45 minutes of gentle and mindful Pilates combined with mellow music.

She shared with me that she found a sense of calm and a workout that was right for her body and mind. Thinking out loud Pilates is of the most popular exercises among seniors.

As we are getting older we are naturally losing postural balance and coordination.

Pilates is an enjoyable workout. It’s gentle with subtle movements and capable of being modified.
It is basically non-impact, which is especially beneficial for ageing joints without the injury risks.

The best news is – PILATES improves bone strength and bone density.

Pilates is a wonderful compliment to rehab from surgical procedures (hip or knee replacement) and an inevitable workout after a long walk or 5k run.
It helps loosen up your tight muscles and strengthen and tone your weak muscles starting with the body’s core and abdominals.

Many women and man over 50+ have told me that they feel more confident, aligned, happier in life and taller as a result of doing Pilates.


 Pilates exercises make your back stronger, helping you stand up straighter and your neighborhood will notice that for sure.

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