Outdoor Fit – Outdoor Fitness Training For Any Age

What Are Outdoor Fitness Training Classes?

Outdoor Fit is a complete Body Fitness program, that is a complimentary training to PIYO stretch. These outdoor fitness training classes are different in that we include training aids in our training.

Outdoor Fit is a combination of endurance and strength training that includes lunges, squats, plank and more. 

Our training aims to build up your body strength in a calming open-air environment. That helps your inner peace of mind and creates a more balanced type of workout. 

An hour where you will be able to directly focus your attention on strengthening & toning individual parts of your body.

How can you benefit from Outdoor Fitness Training Classes?

  • Overall Body Fitness –  You will improve your cardiovascular fitness and strength. 
  • You can focus on individual parts of your body and so improve where you need it most.
  • You naturally work 20% harder and burning more calories than in the gym.
  • Outdoor workouts make you feel GREAT – Not just physically but mentally also. The great outdoors is a natural nerve tonic and will help in reducing any stress you may be experiencing .
  • It feels easier to train outside. Additionally your endorphins(happy hormones) increase during your outdoor fitness training. 
  • It helps to lower blood pressure and also helps with insomnia. 
  • Fitness training without monthly gym membership costs.
  • OutdoorFit is friendly functional fitness programme for you, your hubby or best friend even for your mother in law so make it a family affair.

What does an Outdoor Fitness Training class look like?

Our 60 mins class start with gentle 10- 15mins warm up. During this time focus on functional movement of all small and large joints in your body (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrist ).

After this warm-up, we aim for results from compound movement, strength or endurance training. 

We combine that with training aids like skipping ropes, elastic resistance bands, sand bags. Exercises include lunges with weights, squats, plank or jogging to both improve core strength and prevent injury.  

In thew last 10 minutes we dedicate to good old fashioned stretching to all the short and long muscles of your body. We pay particular attention to tender spots or pain-points you may feel in order to avoid over-stretching of any soft tissue.

At OutdoorFit we will make sure that your Body and mind find the right balance. 

We also have online fitness training classes that are perfect for all fitness levels and for the time being are replacements for our Pilates For Beginners Class

Class Times & Locations

outdoor pilates classes, Haringey


We will hold the Outdoor Fitness Training classes at New River Village

How to get to New River village N8?

The nearest and most convenient tube and bus station are at Turnpike Lane. Both the tube station and bus station are in the same place.

Exit the tube (ticket barrier, then straight ahead and up the stairs on your right) and take the 41 bus towards Archway and get off on the second bus stop before the railway bridge. Cross the road and enter New River Avenue N8 on your right. Alternatively, take 144 bus get off at the second stop. (Same stop for both buses)

and  New River Avenue N8 is again on the other side of the road – first on your right.

Class Times

Saturday – 9.30 am – 10.30 am

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