Fitness training at home for all experience levels


In times when things feel out of control, you can control what makes you feel in charge, amazing and empowered.
You might be missing your friends from gym class but on the other hand you can connect with everyone worldwide on the Zoom classes with me.
The benefits of live Zoom classes like choosing your own music and pace.
Exercise in the comfort of your home or any place of your choice.

Christina shared with me yesterday
“Wonderful group of people you get to meet and have a giggle with too ☺️ has definitely got me through lockdown.”

Live Online Pilates Classes With a Trained Instructor

Working with others you’ll pushing yourself harder, attain sense of accountability, increase endorphins (hello happiness), and external motivation. Doing exercise without feeling self conscious or body conscious.
The fact is that you can set up zoom and work until the last minute if I want. This gives you a full workout and still enough time for a lunch.
You can engage through text chat with me to point out weakness or pain.
Still have the social feel without the need to be in the same room.

“No time out travelling to get to venue so easier to factor into work schedule.”
Smile of your favourite instructor will do wonders to your wellness.
( physical, emotional and mental ) Eileen

By staying connected through group fitness and making ourselves a priority—because we all want to be fit as a fiddle and live active live with family and friends.

Pilates Classes on Zoom

Zoom Piyo Fit In is 40-minute indoor Functional Fitness class. Designed for every mum or dad, anyone whose working from home or office, fed up with gym or in Self-Isolation. My classes are Online & Live and suitable for people of all experience levels, from zero – hero. The classes will help to overcome anxiety & depression as well as pain and stiffness that is often the result of long periods of sitting.

The aim is to create a balance between your body, mind and spirit during your stay at home or long hours working period, to boost you mentally and physically.
Classes are designed to work all your body’s need. They will combine Pilates tone like pelvic floor exercises, abs workout and internal muscles, fluidity of Yoga with deep breathing will relax overtone or stiff muscles and elongate spine and bring sense of calm. Functional training will increase strength of external muscles and distribute your muscle mass proportionally These classes will also help you to balance your hormones & emotions as well as your physical & psychological health.

What you will need?

You’d need a tablet (iPad or similar), laptop or your mobile phone. Click on the link I’ll send you from the Zoom app. Please be reminded to sign in on time. If you’re late I can’t redo it.

Anything else?
Wear favourite and comfortable outfit to enhance your positive vibes and good mood, stay in ventilated room with glass of water nearby, small towel, block or two pillows and no socks.

Online Pilates Class schedule:

Monday – 12.30 (noon) / 18.00

Tuesday 9.30 /  17.30 /19.00

Wednesday 12.30 (noon) / 17.30 /19.00

Thursday 9.30 / 17.30 /19.00

Friday 12.30 (noon)

Saturday 10:30 am

Costs Pilates Classes & Plans

The First class for newcomers is free so you can see if you like Pilates & Fitness

  • A single class £7.99
  • Weekly(6 Days) – £19.97
  • Unlimited monthly classes – £49.97

*** Special Rates available for Elderly & Covid-19 High-Risk People.
Please contact me.***