Physical Therapy

Therapy for your mind, body and soul both physically and emotionally.



Coming from a physical therapy background I will take the time to ask questions and understand your concerns as well as discussing any pain. I use a combination of holistic treatments to promote balance physically and emotionally. However what is most important I genuinely care about your health and well-being and wish nothing but the very best for you.

Overcome your physical pain once and for all!


I am now able to offer mobile therapy sessions where I come to you. This is in line with Government guidelines to help you reduce your time travelling on public transport.


– Feel comfortable in familiar surroundings and you also enjoy the safety and privacy of your home. Whilst getting therapeutic treatment or massage.
– Save time and money by commuting.
 – Individualised to each client and to your particular needs and goals.

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All of our massage therapists are so excited to be able to get back to the work that they love so dearly! Please feel free to call our office with any questions pertaining to our new additional safety procedures or to talk with us regarding any other questions that you may have.

Here is a list of our massage therapy pricing just in case you may have forgotten:

    • 30 minute massage- £37
    • 45 minute massage-  £49
    • 60 minute massage-  £67
    • 90 minute massage-  £97

Athletic Therapy

This is a Sports massage that releases toxins from sore, knotted, or tense muscles.

A manual manipulation aimed at enhancing performance and reducing recovery time from injury.

Suitable for working professionals with physically demanding lifestyles and anyone who understand injury prevention.

Physical Pain Therapy

This is a healing and restorative physical treatment that reduces inflammation in your body. This therapy usually involves a combination of modern acupuncture, cupping and remedial massage.

I also use gentle manipulation to help people with natural movement & flexibility. This manipulation can help to reduce the need for pain medication in some instances.

Suitable for:

* Tight or chronic muscle problem (Back or joint pain, bulging disc, Sciatica)

* Recent or ongoing injury

* Bad Posture ( Scoliosis )

* Neo- postnatal

* Fibromyalgia

Alternative Therapy

My alternative therapies help people with Anxiety & Stress. It promotes emotional calm and relaxation.

It also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

This type of therapy is designed to strengthen a body’s immune system. The benefits of alternative therapy are that it increases energy and mental clarity.

My alternative therapies include Swedish & Deep Tissue massage. Both these massages help to release tension and promote calmness.

Keep your body in top condition and prevent injury.

Our busy lives mean that we sometimes ignore that small niggle in our shoulder, or our body aching, hoping they will go away eventually. But those small niggles grow into bigger problems. The result is often that you have to reduce your activity levels or even stop some of them completely. However, there is another way.

We combine therapeutic treatments with exercise to help you perform at your best and stay that way.

We can also help with chronic pain management and create tailored rehabilitation programmes to support your recovery from a recent or longstanding injury.

Your body can’t find a different owner and it can’t just ‘resign’.

Every day you give your time to your family and your job, but when do you make time for yourself?

How to get started if you think you need holistic therapy

The first step is to contact me using the form provided on the contact page of the website or just call me at ‭+44 7737 640239‬

Before any treatment, I need to discuss your needs with you to assess what type of treatment will be suitable and safe.

We will then agree on an initial treatment or rehabilitation plan tailored to you

There are times when I might combine holistic therapies with an exercise program. However, that’s what we need to talk about.