Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage for your mind, body and soul; both physically and emotionally.


Therapeutic Massage uses light to firm touch and a variety of techniques including, organic aromatherapy, reiki or trigger points. Therapeutic massage is used to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, and impart a sense of calm. Thus benefiting both your physical and mental well-being.

When it comes to sedentary lifestyle or intensive exercise even the most diligent Therapist or Pilates Guru like me run into the odd muscle pain from time to time where muscles and ligaments are seriously knotted up. Sometimes too much stress and information will block you to get results or figure out what’s right or wrong for your needs. I can turn things around in your life get a better lifestyle, flexibility or to solve health challenges.

What’s the solution?

A Therapeutic massage near me – off course 🙂
Step by step getting results, safe, non – invasive and drug- free remedial manual bodywork to restore your sleep, achy limbs, relax your racing mind.
It aligns and corrects natural body movement, blood circulation and by manipulating, loosening, stretching and strengthening of the musculoskeletal frame. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a freely moveable body or pain-free back? All the success stories started with one thing a call.  You have nothing to lose. It’s not that complicated.

If you are looking for a therapeutic massage near me and live in London.

When you’re going through any discomfort or pain book your no-obligation free chat or class now. If not, that’s cool too, because I want to give back my time and energy. Just book your call on 07737640239 or

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage?

It’s a natural stress reliever, a mood and fitness enhancer that allows restorative functioning.

The goal is to give you a therapeutic benefit – whether it’s sports or stress-related. Some people opt for therapeutic massage near me as a one-off treatment to improve their sleep, while others attend several sessions to improve their scoliosis, bad posture, muscle tone and increase their flexibility. It can also be used to supplement many other health treatments.

Therapeutic massage has psychological benefits for mental and physical health. It has also healing and rejuvenating properties. Increase blood circulation and oxygen supply. It aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
It helps alleviate pain, soothe sore muscles,  improve joint mobility, reduce stress and anxiety.

Therapeutic treatment work on a specific problem—such as a stiff back, arthritis,  frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, bulging disc, tight hamstrings, calves or stiff neck and doggy hips.

Who can benefit from therapeutic massage therapy?

  • Pregnant & Postnatal women
  • Pre and Post Surgical patients
  • Ageing Spine and Joints
  • Scoliosis and Bad Posture
  • Runners and Athletes
  • Working Professionals and Students
  • Sedentary Population
  • Chronic pain

What can you expect from massage therapy?

You’ll be in the care of a highly qualified therapist whose aim is to make you relaxed and feel great about you and results. Your therapeutic massage or treatment will normally take place in my private studio. From the moment you step inside, you’ll discover a notable sense of calm.

We start with a short health assessment to identify any particular ailments or areas of tension you’d like to focus on to get the most out of the treatment.
Soft music, a warm room, a comfortable and heated massage table is designed to release the strain from the day first. Once you’re settled in and have enjoyed a refreshing drink we can start.

You’ll be asked to remove any outer layers of clothing before the therapist returns to the treatment room and we begin. It can take as long as thirty minutes, or it can take up to a couple of hours – it all depends on the ailment.

Light to deep touch with organic arnica, jojoba, coconut or almond oil with enhances self-healing and sense of calm. Some techniques treat painful part of the body, relax muscles, release tension and increase blood circulation.
The best therapeutic treatment can be a combination of few techniques to deal with postural problems, anxiety, injury, sprain or strain, sciatica, disc herniation, adhesion or fibromyalgia.

1. Deep Tissue massage
2. Trigger point therapy
3. Neuromuscular treatment
4. Heat and Magnetic therapy
5. Sports Massage
6. Medical Acupuncture / Dry needling
7. Cupping
8. Shiatsu
9. Sujok

What happens after a therapeutic massage session?

Have a glass of water first, is on the table and take a deep breath in. After a few minutes of calm, we discuss your overall experience.
You may feel light-headed, bit sore and definitely relaxed after your session.

Make sure you avoid alcohol, unnecessary stress on your body and mind. Please do not run half marathon or go for any intensive workout after leaving the treatment room.  Have a nap, nutritious good after treatment to recharge your batteries.

Active rest, like Functional Pilates or gentle Yoga, is fine too. Drink more water at home.
Your body went through the detox process and increased hydration enhance the body’s self-healing process.
You feel lighter, happier and renewed!

Miscellaneous tips to help after a therapeutic massage near me session?

Choose an easier part of the week for your treatment to achieve well-desired results. Have a shower to refresh and soften your muscles. Arrive 10 mins early to fill out the assessment form. Hydrate before your therapeutic treatment and have a light snack beforehand. ( Avocado, egg or almond butter etc). Be vocal and let your masseuse know if you wish to increase/ decrease pressure.
Avoid any alcohol!

Alexa find a therapeutic massage near me NOW?

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