After reviewing your health and discussing your symptoms, I typically recommend a personalized blend of therapies that complement each other beautifully. Imagine a duet where each treatment enhances the other’s performance. Take acupuncture, for example—it sets the stage perfectly for a soothing massage that follows, allowing you to reap the full benefits of relaxation and healing.

When I pair therapies, I’ll reserve at least a full hour to ensure you get the most from the session, with the option to extend this restorative time up to two hours if needed. Your well-being is my priority, and I’m here to tailor the experience to your needs.

When I opt for a fusion of therapies, the pricing is thoughtfully based on the duration rather than the sum of each treatment. This approach is designed to offer you the full spectrum of care while maintaining affordability.

It’s about providing you with the best possible experience without adding unnecessary expense.

Physical Therapy Treament Costs

Name30 Minutes60 minutes90 minutesCombination
Pilates Therapy£59£89£129Possible

Combination Packages

Ultimate RecoverySessionsUltimate RecoverySessionsEasy FitSessions
Massage 6 (£59 each)Massage4 (£59 each)Massage2 (£59 each)
Acupuncture 6 (£59 each)Acupuncture4 (£59 each)Acupuncture2 (£59 each)
Physio-Rehab6 (£59 each)Physio-Rehab4 (£59 each)Physio-Rehab2 (£59 each)
Reflexology6 (£59 each)Reflexology4 (£59 each)
Total £1416Total £944Total £354