PiYo Stretch – Outdoor Fitness Training For Any Age

In the bustling heart of the city, amidst the symphony of honking cars and the murmur of passersby, lies a sanctuary of tranquillity and movement. It’s here, in the verdant embrace of the park, that people of all ages come together to discover the joy and community of Pilates. This isn’t your typical fitness class; it’s an experience, a retreat from the ordinary, and a celebration of what our bodies can do, regardless of age.

Imagine the scene: a patchwork of mats spread across the grass, the air fresh with the scent of morning dew and the gentle warmth of the sun. Here, grandparents stand shoulder to shoulder with teenagers, children, and parents, each finding their place in this tapestry of health and wellness. The instructor, a beacon of enthusiasm, guides the outdoor fitness training class with a smile, her instructions as clear and inviting as the open sky above.

This is Pilates in the park, where the backdrop of nature enhances each stretch, each movement, and breath. Laughter is as common as the chirping of birds, as participants discover muscles they never knew they had, all while surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. It’s a place where fitness goals are as diverse as the attendees themselves, from those seeking to strengthen their core, improve their flexibility, or simply find a moment of peace in their hectic lives.

The beauty of these outdoor fitness training classes lies not just in the physical benefits but in the connections formed. People who might never cross paths in their daily lives share smiles and words of encouragement, their spirits lifted by the shared experience of movement and growth. It’s a reminder that health and happiness are ageless, and that joy can be found in the simplicity of moving together under the open sky.

So, to anyone who believes that fitness is a solitary journey or that age limits one’s ability to embrace new forms of exercise, Pilates in the park offers a vibrant rebuttal. It’s a celebration of life, of community, and the incredible capability of our bodies at any age. Here, in the heart of the city, is a space where everyone belongs, and every movement is a testament to the power of coming together to move, breathe, and live more fully.

What Are Outdoor Fitness Training Classes?

PiYo Stretch is a combination of Pilates and Yoga and as such it is a low-impact training class. Our training aims to strengthen your body in a calming open-air environment. That helps your inner peace of mind and creates a more balanced type of workout.

PiYo Stretch is a complete Body Fitness program. These outdoor fitness training classes are different in that we include training aids in our training.

PiYo Stretch is a combination of Pilates and Yoga and as such it is a low-impact training class.

Our training aims to strengthen your body in a calming open-air environment. That helps your inner peace of mind and creates a more balanced type of workout.

An hour where you will be able to directly focus your attention on strengthening & toning your core muscles.

All Outdoor Fitness Training Classes are conducted by a qualified Physical Therapist

How can you benefit from PiYo Stretch Classes?

  • Overall Body Fitness – You will improve your core strength, mobility & flexibility.
  • Focus on individual parts of your body and so improve where you need it most.
  • Outdoor workouts make you feel GREAT – Not just physically but mentally also. The great outdoors is a natural nerve tonic and will help reduce any stress you may be experiencing.
  • You naturally work 20% harder and burn more calories than in the gym.
  • Your endorphins (happy hormones) increase during outdoor fitness training.
  • PiYo Stretch classes help to lower blood pressure and also help with insomnia.
  • Fitness training without monthly gym membership costs.
  • PiYo Stretch is a friendly functional fitness program for you, your hubby or best friend even your mother-in-law so make it a family affair.

What does an Outdoor Fitness Training Class look like?

Our 60 mins class start with a gentle 10mins warm-up. During this time focus on functional movement of all small and large joints in your body (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists).

After this warm-up, we start with a combination of Pilates core strengthening exercises and Yoga stretches to improve your posture and improve your muscle tone. 

Our Outdoor Fitness Training Classes may combine that with training aids like yoga blocks, elastic resistance bands, and belts.

In the last 10 minutes, we dedicate to good old-fashioned Yoga stretching to all the short and long muscles of your body. We pay particular attention to tender spots or pain points you may feel to avoid over-stretching any soft tissue.

At our Outdoor Fitness Training Classes we will make sure that your body and mind find the right balance. 

We also have online fitness training classes that are perfect for all fitness levels and for the time being, are replacements for our Pilates For Beginners Class

Class Times & Locations

outdoor fitness training classes, Haringey


We will hold the Outdoor Fitness Training classes in Alexandra Palace Park.

The meeting point is at Cufos

CUFOS stands for “Community Use For the Old Station” and is a registered charity run by volunteers. It is a community center located in the former Alexandra Palace Railway Station, situated near the junction of The Avenue and Dukes Avenue in Muswell Hill, London

How to get to Cufos?

Directions to CUFOS in Muswell Hill can be found via public transport, including bus routes (102, 184, 299, 43, W3), the Great Northern train line, and the Piccadilly tube line.

Class Times

Thursday – 9.30 am – 10.30 am

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