Acupuncture Packages Explained

We are excited to announce our new acupuncture packages for pain relief. Often called Dry needling or Modern Acupuncture.

The acupuncture package comes in two varieties. One is a 30-minute package and the other is a 60-minutes package.
Each package includes a FREE initial diagnostic and discussion with the therapist.

This acupuncture package is for anyone who is looking for natural pain relief whilst healing.
In addition, it helps with muscle tension and anxiety. It boosts blood flow and therefore improves joint movement as well as diminishes inflammation.

How does it work?

We meet and I talk to you and find out what your problem is.

If acupuncture is the correct way to go then I would usually suggest, one of the packages.

Why the packages?

Very simply these are designed to be cheaper than regular acupuncture-only sessions. They are to help to introduce people to acupuncture.

The advantage is that when you see me I will be ready to diagnose and treat you in the same session. No more wondering from one specialist to another.

What happens if acupuncture is not the best option?

After diagnosing you I tell you if acupuncture is the best solution. I am also a professional physical therapist and so I’m able to offer alternative therapies for pain relief if acupuncture is unsuitable.

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